Comparison of Compensation Systems

How to use this comparison chart.

1) Columns: Check () the box with the name of the country/region you wish to compare. You may check all or just a specific country/region. One or more must be selected.

2) Rows: The major categories, numbered 1 through 6, are shown with a light yellow background. Check () the box(s) for the categories and subcategories you wish to compare. We recommend that you check the box for the first comparison item, “Name of law related to compensation for nuclear damages,” in addition to any other items.

3) You can select categories and subcategories to be compared depending on your interest. We recommend that you keep the relevant main categories (light yellow background) checked to avoid confusion.

4) After making your selection, click “Compare” in the upper right corner. Only the selected categories will be displayed. Click “Reset” to bring back all categories.